Traveling through Georgia is a peach of a time, don’t you think? It is full of great places to stop and grab a bite to eat, and you will certainly enjoy having some of those places picked put ahead of time. There are so many different cities in Georgia, and there are almost 4000 restaurants in Atlanta alone? That is quite a few restaurants, and you are going to love some of the places that are brought to you briefly in this article.

Have you ever been to the popular city of Savannah, Georgia? There are 864 restaurants there according to one top travel site. Savannah may not have as many restaurants as Atlanta, but no Georgia city comes close. Atlanta is king when it comes to cities in Georgia. Joe’s Homemade Cafe is one of those places, and it is located on Waters Avenue. It is a place known for its soups and sandwiches, as well as its lemon cheesecake.

Then there is Cotton & Rye, which is located on Habersham Street. Would you like a pork chop, some shrimp and grits or some trout? These are some great dishes, but Cotton & Rye serves up much more than that. We need to visit one more city virtually. Where should we stop? How about stopping by the city of Columbus, which has over 550 restaurants.

In Columbus, the #1 rated restaurant is The Loft, located on Broadway. Burgers, shrimp tacos and carrot cake are just a few of the things that await you there. People have given this place glowing reviews, so it is sure not to disappoint. Now, what other restaurants are you going to find in Columbus?

There is a place called Bulkhead Grill, and it can be found on Armour Road. The menu highlights make this restaurant seem like it serves up a pretty diverse selection of foods. For example, you can have nachos, steak and salmon if you want, and there are other great dishes available as well. One reviewer talks about having delicious cocktails during the late evening hours there.

We got around to visiting two cities and a handful of restaurants, so I would say that is pretty good. You can visit much more than that if you stop by these great cities in person. You have some great choices to get you started, so enjoy all that great food as you make your way through Georgia.