Are you a huge sports fan who can’t get enough of sports no matter of what type it is? Join the club, because sports of all kinds are among the most popular entertainment choices for most folks in this country, especially for men. In the southeast, the state of Georgia has a lot to offer for sports enthusiasts. Learn about the three most popular professional sports teams in the state of Georgia below.

Atlanta Hawks

For fans of professional basketball, the state of Georgia has the Atlanta Hawks. The Atlanta Hawks play in the national basketball Association, or NBA for short. The NBA is the premier professional basketball sports league in the entire world.

The Atlanta Hawks have been located in Atlanta for several decades, and will likely be there for many more. Despite having been around for so long, the team hasn’t had a lot of success as far as championships go. It’s pretty sad, because this city is starving for a a winning basketball team, and they would love to support a team that is doing well.

Atlanta Falcons

If you’re into football, the state offers the Atlanta Falcons. The Falcons have called Georgia home for 51 years. Like the Hawks, the Falcons also haven’t had a lot of success in the league when it comes to championships, and the overall record is under 500 with 350 wins versus 450 losses.

However, they did have a successful 2016 season, and made it all the way to the NFL Super Bowl championship game where they lost in dramatic fashion to the New England Patriots. Despite having a huge lead at halftime, the Falcons lost the game as the Patriots engineered the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history. Things are looking up for the Falcons though, and they should be competitive this upcoming season as well.

Atlanta Braves

The team with the most championship success of the three is the Atlanta Braves. The Braves play in the Major League Baseball Association. Throughout the 90s, they were a very strong team, and were constantly competing for championships on a regular basis. Unlike the Falcons and the Hawks, the Atlanta Braves have actually won three major league baseball championships, with the latest being in 1995.

As you can see from the article above, the state of Georgia is a hotbed for professional sports in the southeast. Second only to Florida, the state has plenty to offer for any sports fan. If you consider yourself a sports fan and will be in the state of Georgia anytime soon, check out one of the sport teams listed above.